Our team gets testimonials from our students on a regular basis and we are grateful for the feedback. This student took a course and relayed information that is provided in our Seconds To Survival & Mindset 360 Course. We have removed some specifics including the name of the deputy. We can provide the full testimonial upon request.

This past spring I attended your training at the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association conference in Pendleton (OR).  I was super impressed with the information and your presentation, and even took some of the key points back and shared them with my patrol team. I remember the concept of “declarations” and the video examples you provided. 

Just a few months later, I believe that training saved me. I responded to a home intruder call and myself and another Deputy located there suspect about two blocks away.

What ensued was a brief verbal exchange, where the suspect, when instructed to comply with a Taser. The suspect looked at me and said, “You don’t want to do this.”  The subsequent sixty or so seconds were the most violent encounter of my life. I won’t go into every detail, but the encounter ended in me shooting the suspect.

When he told me I didn’t want to do this today, all kinds of alarms went off in my head. I still had to engage, but I feel like I needed that warning about how serious a situation can be if someone gives a declaration. 

The end result, while tragic in some respects, was not as tragic as my Sheriff having to come tell my wife and kids that I was dead.

I have been dealing with all the after effects of a situation such as this and getting good support from my office and coworkers.

I just wanted to relay to you how much I appreciate your training and what you are doing and that I truly believe it is keeping us safer “out there” on the streets. 

I’m hoping to come listen to you again in January. If I can make it, I would like to buy you a beer and thank you in person.